ind_12 “Tenute Unite” is a farmery with a winery and oil mill, direct sales of its product and also a restaurant in the hills of Bertinoro (FC)


The “Tenute Unite” Company was born in 1996, by an idea of Luca Binzoni, who was researching the development of local hill farming, started a project of cultivating vineyards, olive trees and berries in greenhouses.

The strong point is joining the innovative techniques of the “romagnese” tradition.


In summer, from the terrace you can admire sunsets over the hills of Bertinoro (near Fratta spas, Meldola and Forlimpopoli), protected by summer heat and lulled by the pleasant evening breeze, tasting the delicious and strictly seasonal products belonging to the family, and washed down with a good house wine, all with the background of the grill on which fresh meat in the corner of the garden is baked;

all around the playground for children.

In winter: the room will welcome you from the icy currents with the same warmth of a mountain hut.

To accommodate you there will be Luca, who after a whole day in the fields will offer you his smile and list you the daily menu, -surprise or on demand- differently based on what the land provides.

And don’ t forget a visit to your table by the little Mattia, with his master, natural and unchallenged restaurateur spirit. Finally the invisible -but only at your eyes-, Manuela,
queen of the kitchen, and surely your palate won’ t remain indifferent to the delights prepared by her following her grandmother’ s recipes (there is always a wise grandmother in every romagnese family, who has certainly been influenced by “Marietta”, Pellegrino Artusi’ s housekeeper, even at “Tenute Unite”).

  PRODUCTS- VINEYARDS AND WINEIn addition to the cultivation of traditionalwine local varieties, such as Sangiovese, Cagnina, Albana, Trebbiano and Pagadebit, the vineyards are also organized to host varieties that soften, enhance and balance wines such as Cabernet, Barbera and Nebbiolo.THE FRUITS OF THE FORESTS AND HONEYThe cultivation of berries, innovative for the area, is held into greenhouses, heated during winter: this will collect red and yellow raspberries, wild strawberries and blackberries,with which great jams are produced.HONEYThe farm also hosts several hives for the production and sale of honey acacia, chestnut, wildflowers and honeydew.


The oil mill is now one of the important part of the farm business.
From late October to December, after the end of the grape-harvest, olives are treated only by cold mechanical pressing.



From Bertinoro direction Polenta= 300 meters before the church follow direction to the oil mill. From Fratta Terme after Polenta church turn left.

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